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This blog will attempt to compile some project management and product management resources for practitioners working in the field of digital media; touching on areas such as standards, formats, methods and tools, platforms, architectures and distribution channels; and discusses some of the tactical and strategic issues that may arise.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taking a Cue from the Millennials

The heaviest users of mobile technologies are the Generation-Y's and the Millennials, with the latter group often being the more sophisticated users of the products; more likely to utilize the advanced data and messaging features and utilize them in ways unforseen by the original product marketers.

When looking for market feedback on these features, this is the group that should be listened to, even if the uses are more socially-oriented than towards business or commercial applications. If you are trying to market content via these features; consider using your kids as an informal focus group to determine feedback on usability; what they like/don't like; what additional features they would like to see that would enhance the experience.

I would of course suggest using appropriate content for the duration of the focus group!

USC's Marshall School to offer courses in Digital Media Management

The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California is running a program on "Digital Media and Technology Management" during January-March 2009.

This four-session program provided by the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and Really Useful Information, Inc. (RUI) focuses on four major components of creating and implementing a successful digital strategy:

  • Digital media & technology - the process of monetization
  • Streaming media - how to use it effectively
  • Distribution platforms - which work best and why
  • Branding & integrated marketing: getting more for your branding and marketing dollars

USC Marshall School of Business Professor, Steve Shepard, and RUI entertainment industry experts will deliver the program at the USC campus in Los Angeles.

Further Details available at: